Do YOU still believe (or want to believe) in “Happy Ever After?”

This is for the WOMAN who still wants to believe…

>>(Keep listening — and reading all the way to the end IF this is YOU…)>>


Prince Charming is nowhere in sight, he’s not so charming, or has become Prince Harming.


Due to past pain, betrayal, and disappointments you’ve become a hopeless “non-romantic.”

Thus leaving you unbelieving — feeling hopeless, alone, and insignificant — while still seeking the elusive “unbelievable” love and life you desire.

I get it. I was there too. For many years.

Hoping. Waiting. Then finally reluctantly resigning to the idea that perhaps, IT simply wasn’t possible.

I wondered, “Is this really as good as it gets?”

This is what I discovered…

There’s a deep pain that comes with believing that your “Happy Ever After” is possible…OR impossible.

It’s the pain of dependence…

Dependence on an illusion…

Dependence on something, or someone, for your happiness or anything else you desire.

Dependence on a Prince Charming who may never rise up, get on his feet, and come to sweep you off yours.

Dependence on the illusion of “perfection” that’s seemingly required to live out the fairytale — while walking in glass stilettos.

(But what IF the glass slipper breaks?)

Is it possible to still GET your “Happy Ever After” without losing your heart and soul?

(OR YOURSELF — or independence?)

YES, but…it requires more than a fairytale or a Prince Charming!

It requires a redefining that starts with a decision.

One that leads to a new becoming. A new beginning.

Unconditional love and a significant life aren’t something you GET from a significant other.

Or by WAITING for a man, or anyone, to RISE UP and BE something in order for YOU to be (and become) fully YOU.

Your significant love and life are something you discover by uncovering what it truly means for YOU to BE the WOMAN.

Beyond all the “roles” that you play, what does it truly mean for YOU to be THE WOMAN?

I’ll show you what I’ve learned the HARD way.

So you don’t have to…

— WAIT or WASTE another precious minute (or years) of your life.

— LOSE the love and life you desire and deserve.

— OR be divorced 3 times in the process!

It’s time to STOP doing HARD, and find a NEW WAY of doing EASE without dis-ease, devastation, or divorce.

In this 4-Week Journey of Significance — YOU BE THE WOMAN —  you’ll diagnose the 4 Syndromes of Insignificance and discover how to heal them.

You’ll receive 28 days of daily action steps, inspiration, and a proven, effective eating + exercise plan to equip and empower you to get fast results in your BODY and BODY OF WORK.

You’ll receive a 4-D Action Plan that’ll get your BODY POWERED UP and ENGAGED again — No more WAITING to love your body. YOU’LL LOVE YOUR BODY FROM “BEFORE” TO “HAPPY EVER AFTER.”

You’ll let go of the heaviness of your WAIT and WEIGHT — while gaining confidence and clarity in the present.

You’ll receive the Ultimate Engagement Plan for Dating Yourself Well — empowering you to become the great lover of your life, so YOU CAN BE THE WOMAN without losing your heart + soul.

You’ll get the exact 12 Engagements that helped me know and love myself — which allowed me to heal from the inside out after 3 divorces and a double funeral, create my own “Happy Ever After,” and attract the love of my life.

You’ll learn how to STOP WAITING AND START LIVING the love and life you desire — specifically identifying the painful problem and POWERFUL POSSIBILITIES that are available to you now.

You’ll learn how to BE THE WOMAN AND STOP TRYING TO BE THE MAN — clearly understanding your identity and role in the problem, and being equipped and empowered to become the significant solution you seek, so you can live your significant life and experience true fulfillment.

You’ll begin to heal your heart and soul by H.E.A.L.ING YOUR LIFE, so you can give yourself the permission you need to BE YOU — THE WOMAN.

You’ll learn a new way of awakening the hope within you and the healing power that it brings, so you can become the significant soul that you were designed to be.

You’ll become crystal clear about your beliefs, and how to stop sabotaging your desires so you follow-through with behaviors that support you and your dreams.

You’ll learn how to access the power necessary to unlock your energy and daily habits that create consistency and exponential results in all areas of your life.

You’ll discover your deepest heart’s desires so you can experience the CERTAINTY that’s required to live a SIGNIFICANT LIFE.

You’ll learn a proven, effective strategy for activating your inner POWER and the PRINCIPLES necessary to create the “i.D.E.A.L.” love and life you long for.

You’ll be empowered with the Sacred Secrets Of Significance, so you can fulfill your purpose and live your significant life.

You’ll learn how to use your POWER and INFLUENCE so you can love yourself, your life, and life’s work.

You’ll be led through a proven, effective process of identifying your “SECRET SIZZLE” and how to use it as your SUPER POWER in love and life.

You’ll become connected with a power bigger than yourself, and feel unconditionally loved and supported so you can fully stand in your significance.

You’ll connect with other trustworthy women, like you, who understand how you feel and share your deepest feelings and fears. TOGETHER…

YOU’LL BECOME THE WOMAN, and begin creating the unconditional and significant life you desire and deserve.


Our 4-Week journey begins LIVE on Monday, October 7 at 8:00 pm ET.

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xo Shannon
(P.S. Is “Happy Ever After” possible? YES.) 🙂

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