Today we’re going to talk about what happens when you DON’T know and love yourself, and what you can do about it…

Yes, it’s the PAINFUL PROBLEM that no one really wants to talk about, including me for many years.

What I’m ultimately saying is that when you DON’T know yourself, you can’t love yourself, and until you do, you’ll never value yourself or your time, or your money.

When I was in this painful place, I looked for my spouse to love me in ways I didn’t love myself.

I ran myself ragged trying to prove my value and worth.

I threw a lot of money at the pain I was feeling, while attempting to numb my pain.

And in the end, I ended up divorced.

Then while attempting to “undo” my past I repeated it another 2 times!

And in the end, wound up wasting a lot of priceless energy, time, money, love, and life!

But the BEST thing is that they lessons I learned the HARD way, and the things I discovered that helped me find a NEW WAY, are worth more to me than you know.


Because it’s my life.

And it’s become my life’s work.

The only thing that got my life working again, was when I stopped working to FIX ME, and instead, I creatively and passionately committed to FIND ME.

To know me.

To love me.

And now, I enjoy a deep passionate love affair not only within my heart and soul, but with the man of my dreams — my daydreams and my nightmares.

Yes, sometimes it’s a fight to understand and be understood.

It’s a fight to stay open to learning, growing, and expanding.

BUT…it’s worth it, and NONE of this would have been possible if I hadn’t made the ALL IN, 111% commitment to unconditionally know and love me.

In ALL conditions. With no conditions.

And none of this would be possible if I wasn’t clear and certain about who I am and what I’m committed to.

None of this would be possible if I had QUIT on me.

If I had QUIT on life.



Q. Quality, not quantity.

Love is not enough or too much.

It’s always. And in all ways.

Understand. Yourself.

And partner with others who are as committed to your understanding and growth as you are. As they are.

I. That’s right, “I”

Never forget your I. The “I” that is YOU.

See through your I.

See to your I.

See your life from your perspective, before you try to see it from everyone else’s.

And remember…I am.

Not I will.

Not I’m going to.

But, I am.

T. Train yourself daily to remember, and KNOW.

Remember TRUTH and let everything else GO so you can GO AND GROW.

Train your soul to align with the TRUTH in your heart. The truth that’s IN you and the truth that IS you.

Train your body. Express the great health and power that’s within you.

This power is creative, life-giving, and healing.

Train your S.O.L. by sipping on your life. Every. Day.

Train your life to remember, while redefining what it means to KNOW.

Train your body of work to WORK because you’re doing your life’s work and YOUR LIFE WORKS.

Continue to seek.

Continue to ask.

Continue to find.

Continue to RECEIVE. ALL. OF YOU.

Date yourself well. Every. Single. Day.

Please grab your SACRED S.O.L. D.A.T.E. JOURNAL (Daily Action To Engage yourself.)


Where in your life have you lost YOU?

Where in your life have you stopped looking?

Where have you QUIT on you and your life?

Journal about this and see what she has to say about it.

Then take ONE action today to redefine Q.U.I.T. And begin again.

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