Today I’m going to teach you 3 things that must happen to take your NEW belief to a NEW level of an UNBELIEVABLE LIFE. YES, you’re only one belief away…

The beginning of BELIEF is BE. How are you being as you’re believing what you’re believing? And as you’re believing what you’re behaving?

All behavior comes from belief. Action or inaction comes from a belief you have, whether it’s conscious or unconscious.

I believe that you are only ONE BELIEF away from an unbelievable life.

What would an unbelievable life look like for you?

Can you BELIEVE for it?

Today’s episode is somewhat of a continuation of yesterday’s program: EPISODE 1917: The Deception Of Truth.

I talked about the fact that you must know what you believe. Knowledge of the truth sets us free, so it’s the knowing that matters most.

My life began to make a huge shift when I had the revelation that I didn’t need to get what I wanted to be happy. BUT…happiness comes from knowing what I desire. (Wow!)

Happiness comes from knowing what you desire.

Do you know what you desire?

It’s in the knowing that you actually have the power to create it. If you believe…

Do you know what you believe?

An unbelievable life starts by knowing what you believe. 

1. Know what you believe.

It’s in knowing what you believe that’ll allow you to behave in a way that lines up with what you desire.

A lot of times people aren’t conscious of what they believe. So they keep saying they desire this or that, but their belief system doesn’t support it.

You’ll only go as far as your belief system will take you.

Think of your desires as a mountain. If your beliefs are at the bottom of the mountain, you’ll keep going around and around the mountain. Unless your beliefs rise up to the level of the mountain (your desires,) you won’t be able to experience the summit/mountaintop of desire.

What do you believe? Do you KNOW it?

You must be willing to do the work to uncover and discover the truth about what you believe. Question your beliefs, and choose whether or not you’re going to keep them.

Are you willing to believe for an incredibly unbelievably believable life?

2. Know if what you’re believing is the TRUTH, AND whether or not it’s TRUE FOR YOU.

Something can be factually true, but may not necessarily be true for you. What’s YOUR TRUTH?

How will you know?

Take a look at your results.

What’s true for you is what you’re going to create for you.

3. Know if it’s working.

If it is…fabulous.

But will this same belief system take you where you desire to go?

Perhaps you’ll need a higher level of belief, desire, trust or truth. You get to decide.


Sometimes “IT” is not working because YOU’RE not working.

Have you ever thought about that?

Do your current beliefs fit your DESIRE?

Ask yourself the questions. Be willing to see it for what it is. Knowledge of the truth sets you free. Be willing to acknowledge it.

I see it all the time with my clients. One change, shift, or adjustment in belief changes everything.

Renewing your mind with truth is transformational.

Please grab your SACRED S.O.L. D.A.T.E. JOURNAL (Daily Action To Engage with yourself.)


Think about ONE thing you strongly desire in your life.

1. Write it down. Be specific.

2. What belief would be necessary for you to experience that level of desire?

FIRST, you have to be able to believe it’s possible.

3. How does it compare to your current level of belief? Are you willing to try on a new belief?

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