I’ve rediscovered fear, and here’s what I see…The Metamorphosis.

Today’s S.O.L. STORY is a continuation of the conversation we’ve been having about going all out…all in…discovering…fear…scared…sacred…

I call it “The Metamorphosis…”

It’s a natural process, although it doesn’t feel natural.

However, it is. In fact, it’s SUPER NATURAL.

And it’s as natural as breathing. But it takes daily practice.

The only way to get great at something is to put in the reps, the time, the attention.

The practice.

Knowing this has got me thinking about how each day I have an opportunity to get real.

Real great at living today.

And of course, God knew it was going to take more than one try. So I’ve been given a lot of “at bats” to practice becoming great at my day.

Given this, I believe we were never expected to be GREAT at living life.

Instead, we become great at what we’ve been given to practice. Every. Single. Day.

So as we become great at today. We have the opportunity to practice the art of living it for a lifetime.

Because we become great at living TODAY.

Isn’t that lovely?

No pressure.

Only today.

We don’t have to be great at life. We’ve only been given the opportunity to become great at living and loving today.

The one thing that I’ve noticed keeps me from doing both WELL every day, is FEAR.

So I’ve decided that I’m going to love fear like never before, because as long as I do, fear won’t scare me anymore.

Because we all know that life comes and goes quickly. We show up. We live. We transform. We transition.

That’s it.

Fear didn’t create the beginning or the ending. It simply travels with us along the way.

To allow anything or anyone…especially a feeling…to keep me from doing this or that is no longer something I choose.

NO WAY. Not in my today and lifetime.

Who am I to think of or talk to fear like this?

I am who I say I AM.

And today I say I AM.

When you know the way it ends, everything leading up to it is simply an experience.

A moment. It doesn’t change the FINALE.

It only changes the way in which I get there.

I choose to get there on a road paved with love, creation, hope, inspiration, and SACRED tales of the adventurous, romantic journey.

Who am I?

I am who I say I am.

I am free. To be. ME.

And I am not going to stop ME from that incredible sacred experience.

Fear or no fear. I am here.

It’s simple.

It’s a decision.

Fear has kept me from truly seeing me.

From truly being me.

From fully engaging with, and expressing, me.

From rising up and exploring me like never before.

From experiencing me. Love. Life. In an unrecognizable way.

Only because I hadn’t quite fully recognized THE WAY. MY WAY. TODAY.

WOW. Thank you God. Thank you Shannon. Thank you LOVE. Thank you life.

I’m redefining fear as dear, and I’m going with her.

Perhaps I’ll also grow with her…

Fear gave me an image of myself.

It gave me a way in which I see — a way in which I imagine.

But what IF that image isn’t the WHOLE STORY?

What if there’s something still yet to be revealed?

The only way I’ll know is to go.

Keep going.




I invite you to join me…

Feeling. Healing. Hoping. Inspiring. Loving. Living. Sharing. Together.

That’s all.

Healing and loving it ALL.

I dare you to see ALL OF YOU.

Please grab your SACRED S.O.L. D.A.T.E. JOURNAL (Daily Action To Engage yourself.)


Where are YOU still hiding, my dear?

Talk to fear today, and journal what she shares with you.

Talk to me. I’d love to know…

Then tune-in tomorrow for Part 2 of “What I Discovered IN THERE…”

I can’t wait to hear what happens for you…

Thanks for tuning in today, and every day…and allowing me to SIP ON LIFE with you.

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