This isn’t simply about the cost, but the HIGH, painful cost of not loving yourself dear soul…today we’re going to expose it and make some new decisions.

It’s time to count the cost, so you can create the value.

Kim McMillen shared, “When I loved myself enough I was able to be treated to a $50 haircut and enjoy every minute of it.”

The cost of you not loving yourself has nothing to do with a $50 or a $500 haircut, but it has everything to do with you, your life, and life’s work — and enjoying every minute of it.

The pain of you NOT loving yourself could be costing you your life!

Your pain is NOT your gain, unless it leads you to the cause.

What is the cost of you NOT loving yourself?

This is the C.O.S.T.


Without certainty, you don’t get clarity.

With clarity comes confidence, because confidence is created.

If you lack certainty, you are left with confusion and chaos.

Has your “don’t know” taken over your “do know?” So much so that you’re doing nothing?


You have choices. You SEE your choices.

One of the greatest powers we have available to us is our ability to choose.

This is why we have freewill.

Freewill is life.

How free does your will feel right now?


This is your mind, will, and emotions.

What is the cost of losing your mind?

The cost of losing your will?

The cost of emotional bankruptcy?

I’ll tell you…

You will lose love.

You will lose people.

You will lose relationships — Yes, with break-ups, divorce, and/or broken relationships that will make YOU feel broken.

You will lose trust.

You will lose boundaries.

You will lose space.

You will lose power.

You will lose perspective.

You will lose protection.

You will lose security.

You will lose confidence.

You will lose hope.

You will lose belief.

You will lose desire.

You will lose capacity.

You will lose the feeling of significance.

You will lose respect.

You will lose money.

You will lose joy.

You will lose peace.

You will lose your ease.

You will lose health.

You will lose freedom.

You will lose opportunities.

You will lose momentum.

You will lose self. That’s right. Self.

Self control.

Self respect.

You will lose possibilities.

You will lose connection and connections.

You will lose direction.

You will lose ability.

You will lose promotion.

You will lose future you look forward to.

You will lose a past you love to remember.

You will lose your present presence.

You will lose your sense of purpose.

You will lose your sense of self.

You will lose touch of who you think you are, or could become.

You will lose dreams.

You will lose desire. (Once again.)

You will lose your inspiration (this leads to expiration.)

You will lose…your life.

It’s time to count the cost, my dear.

How much more of YOU are willing to risk simply because you’re not willing to give yourself the ONE thing that you have to give you right here, and right now?

That one thing is…


This is your life?

What’s your life worth?

What’s your day worth?

What’s a day in YOUR LIFE worth?

What are you trading for your life?

Whatever you’re doing MUST be worthy of your life…

Please don’t trade another day of your valuable LIFE TIME without loving yourself well.

(This is the continuation of our Enough Is Enough Series — based on the profound little book, When I Loved Myself Enough by Kim McMillen and Alison McMillen-Givnish. You can order a copy HERE.)

Please grab your SACRED S.O.L. D.A.T.E. JOURNAL (Daily Action To Engage yourself.)


Do you love yourself? I mean, really really love yourself?

Today’s the day to count the C.O.S.T. Then make a choice.

(This is based on the profound little book, When I Loved Myself Enough by Kim McMillen and Alison McMillen-Givnish. You can order a copy HERE.)

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