In today’s episode I uncover a huge global epidemic, and what we can do about it. It’s also a continuation of our last two episodes, EPISODE 058: Date Yourself Well and EPISODE 059: The Boob Job.

As women, being judged by our looks is a global epidemic, especially here in the country where I live — America.

I believe, all we humans are judged by our looks, especially in the process of aging. Not only do we do it to others, but we also do it to ourselves.

Today I’m declaring the beginning of my ANTI Anti-Aging CAMPAIGN.

To think that we can NOT age is simply NOT possible. It’s part of being human and being on planet earth.

It’s the beauty of being on planet earth.

The path of life leads to old-age, if we’re blessed to be here more days than today.

If you can KNOW and LOVE yourself at a passionate, purposeful, intentional, conscious level of LOVE, that’s the more GORGEOUS thing…and it’s TIMELESS.

A timeless Beauty. A timeless, sacred, sacred soul.

I’m going to be turning 50 next month, and I’ll be half way to 100! Yay!

How do we begin to embrace, work WITH, and accept the journey of getting older? Wrinkles? Saggier skin?

Beauty must come from a place within the soul. It’s about learning to love our bodies well. Right here. Right now.

If we’re going to live on planet earth, we need to embrace it.

This is my revelation, as I’m heading toward my 50th birthday.

“Shannon, you had better get right and confident within your soul about accepting who, what, and why you are…MORE than in the way you look. Otherwise you’re going to be bummed out.”

This is reality. If we don’t find our VALUE in that which is GREATER than the physical appearance of our bodies, we’re heading down a road that’s not going to work well. We’ll be FIGHTING every step of the way.

Why do that? Why not embrace change as it comes?

We can do that by focusing on what we CAN do.

Staying strong. Confident. In the truth. In love with our bodies. Caring for them well.

If you love YOU, you’ll care for you. And when you care for you, it’ll allow you to radiate health.

There’s nothing more vibrant, vital, and beautiful then a healthy body. It starts with a healthy soul.

These 3 Steps will drastically change the way you look at your body — especially when it comes to aging.

If you’re going to change anything in your life, YOU must change.

1. In order for you to change anything in your life — including your body — you must first change your BELIEF.

The relationship we have with our bodies is no different than the relationship we have with others.

If you’re expecting someone else to change before you love him/her, how’s that working for you?

You CAN’T change anyone.

If you’re expecting your body to change BEFORE you love it, you’re not going to be able to do it (at least for long.)

But what WE CAN DO is WE CAN CHANGE from the inside, out…starting with our beliefs.

We can change the way we believe about our bodies, the process of aging, and living on LIFE longer than we did yesterday.

We’re not going to DEFY natural laws.

But we can redefine them. WHAT does getting older mean to YOU?

The best days are ahead, my dear!

When our beliefs change, we AND our circumstances change.

2. If you desire change, you must look at your desires for the next 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 years of your life.

What are you going to stand for? What are you going to create in your life? What are the desires of your heart for your body?

And the big question is: Are you working WITH your body?

What are you working FOR? Standing FOR?

3. If you desire to love your body in a way that’s SO EMPOWERING…you must TRUST.

Trust the process. You must TRUST. More, and at a higher level.

To LOVE and TRUST our bodies in the process of getting older each, and every, day.

Are you getting wiser, freer in your expression of who you are? Are you taking care of yourself at a level you’ve never taken care of yourself before?

If you don’t trust the process, and the desires of your heart, you’ll work against your body — and fight it every step of the way.

Please don’t do that!

It’s unnecessary. It’s unnecessary suffering.

Work WITH YOU. Stay Committed. Lifelong. Trust. Trust the process. Trust YOU. Trust the ONE who created YOU, and put you here on planet earth for such a time as this.

Work with what you have. Fall in love with YOU.

When you love your body well, you’ll take care of it. When you do, it will take care of you.

Love your life well… it will LOVE you back.

Today’s the day to start investing in your future, as well as your present…by LOVING YOU.

Please grab your SACRED S.O.L. D.A.T.E. JOURNAL (Daily Action To Engage with yourself.)


1. What area of your life — your body as a whole — would you like to change?

2. Write down these 3 words: Belief, Desire, Trust.

3. Write down a new and empowering BELIEF for your desired change in your body.

4. Write down your specific desire, and WHY.

5. Write down a statement of TRUST about how you can become the trustworthy care-giver, lover of your body and lover of your life.

DECLARE IT FOR YOURSELF. Take a step in this direction today.

I appreciate you, and thank you for being here.

Please come over to, and leave a comment. I’d love to know how you’re doing, and where in the world you’re listening from. Please let me know how you’re committing today to love your body well.

I’ll look forward to seeing you again tomorrow.

xo Dr. Shannon. Inspiring minds that want to grow and hearts that want to know, so you can love you, your life, and your life’s work well. ONE SIP AT A TIME.

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