What’s the cost of NOT dating yourself well? A whole lot of unnecessary pain, suffering, and sometimes years of your life. The emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial consequences can be exponential. Today I uncover, and teach you the possibility and process of fully engaging in your life so you can fall in love with YOU. Why? So you can become the great lover of your life.

The PROBLEM is that often women (and men as well) suffer from one or more of four distinct syndromes that have caused more heartache and unnecessary loss than one can imagine.

If you’re willing to explore the possibilities and process of becoming the great lover of your life, you can become the S.O.L.UTION that you seek.

The Four Syndromes are:

1. The Cinderella Syndrome.
2. The Disengagement Syndrome.
3. The Superwoman Syndrome.
4. The Poor Me Syndrome.

Once you’ve identified which one (or more) of these you’re suffering from, then we you discover the process and plan for healing.

So you can fully engage in your life again, and fall in love you you, your life + life’s work.


There are Five Engagements Of A Great Lover.

You must:

1. Meet You.
2. Know You.
3. Value You.
4. Be You.
5. Love You.

When you do, you can begin to romance (WOMANCE) YOU and YOUR LIFE like never before.

This process of mastering the art of dating myself well has completely transformed my love…life. It’s done the same for many women, and it can for you too.

Are you ready to learn, not only how to engage with your life, but to fully enter into the PROPOSAL of a fully engaged life of greatness?

Then take the next step. Date Yourself Well.


Go to WomenSippingOnLife.com and request your FREE copy of Date Yourself Well…The Best-Selling 12 Engagements of Becoming The Great Lover Of Your Life.

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I’m so excited to equip you with the steps necessary to begin one of the greatest love stories of your life.

Thanks for being here, and allowing me to share in this adventure and journey of discovery with you.

xo Dr. Shannon. Inspiring minds that want to grow and hearts that want to know, so you can love you, your life, and your life’s work well. ONE SIP AT A TIME.

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