The one thing that’ll definitely bring toxicity in your life is a DIVORCED HEART. Today I show you how to start your Divorce Detox.

First, we start with what a DIVORCED HEART really is, and the devastating effects it can have in your life.

The problem with a divorced heart is the toxic waste it creates…

Wasted Time.

Time spent in needless suffering, heartache, heartbreak, self-defeat, insecurity, fear, worry, stress, anger, frustration, loneliness, shame, blame, loss, overwhelm, hopelessness, feeling stuck and unloveable…not to mention the financial cost of it all…

Remember that time isn’t money…it’s your life.

The emotional and financial loss is devastating, and destructively TOXIC.

It can takes YEARS to recover. In fact, some dear souls never do.

I was there too…caught up in a holding pattern of self-destruct, self-doubt, and almost complete loss of my SELF.

I wanted to the pain to stop. I wanted to stop running. I wanted to die (really.)


I desired to LIVE.

I desired to LOVE.

I desired to LAUGH.

I desired to lift my head up, and see something that would inspire me to get up and GO UP.

I desired to be FREE.

I desired MORE than a recovery.

I desired to rest and restore.

I desired to live without MORE, but to explore the TRUE nature and DESIRES of my heart and soul within my core.

To pursue her.

To know her.

To find her.

To discover her.

To protect her.

To (wo)mance and love her.

To fully engage with her.

To reconnect and live from my heart and soul.

To FREE HER to BE the fullest expression of SHE.

I desired a NEW kind of LOVE.

A powerful relationship WITH ME + MY LIFE.

BUT…was it possible?

I began to seek.

What would it look and feel like to truly LOVE + CARE for ME?

What was I looking for, really?

I was looking for the truth.

I googled, SELF LOVE…nope, that wasn’t the truth.

I googled DESIRE…nope, that wasn’t it either.

So I set out on a quest of seeking…a MISSION really…

And it took me not to the outside for the answers, but inside.

Deep within my heart and soul.

I began to appreciate HER for who she was, is, and will be.

I began to give HER my undivided attention, no longer lost between the chasm of my head and heart…but directly in the CENTER of my soul.

I began one of the most SACRED romances I could have imagined, and this is what I’m going to share with you…


Let’s talk about 2 powerful processes of DETOXING from a DIVORCED HEART.

It’s all about CLEANSING + CLARITY…

It’s difficult to become CLEAR when we’re NOT “here”…in the present of the now.

Get present with your pain, past, and present.

The cleansing begins with a CLEAN SING.

To sing a NEW SONG.


Letting go of your “FINE.”

Grabbing hold of the “NEW” that you FIND.

Then beginning to get CLEAR about the authentic, pure TRUTH about your heart:

1. Redefining.

2. Healing.

3. Decision of DESIRE.

Are you CLEAR about what this is for you?

It’s vital that you do. I can help you…

I lived in the TOXIC BOX of fear, hiding, and holding back for over a decade, until I discovered SACRED S.O.L.UTIONS for accelerated healing, and awakening HOPE for true love and life.

When I changed the way I saw what was TOXIC, I redefined it…and created a NEW LIFE DETOX…


Tune in again tomorrow…I’ll have a very SPECIAL GIFT for you, as well as another step that you can take in YOUR ONE DIVORCE DETOX…

Please grab your SACRED S.O.L. D.A.T.E. JOURNAL (Daily Action To Engage yourself.) 


1. What do you call yourself? (What’s the label you’re calling yourself, and your current situation?)

2. Are you willing to “redefine” that for yourself right here and now?

3. What is it? (Your “redefinition.”) What, from this day forward, are you going to choose call yourself? Your situation?

Commit to no longer allowing your situation or circumstances to identify you.

Redefine who you are today, and begin to cleanse and clarify your life…TODAY.

4. Tune in tomorrow for PART 2…

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