Looking for your “HAPPY?” Look no further. If you want to be happy, you have to get to know YOU and your favorite color. In today’s episode I’ll show you how.


We’re on episode 45 today. Oh my goodness, we’re half way to 90!

Today’s S.O.L. Story was inspired by a beautiful orange napkin.

Yes, a simple, paper napkin completely changed my mood, and inspired today’s message.

Napkins are so powerful. Some of the greatest things start on a napkin. Great ideas. Phone numbers…

Napkins have dried my tears at times when I didn’t know what else I was going to do. Sad or happy tears, I’ve used many napkins.

Years ago I remember crying into a napkin, and thinking that someday my tears of heartache and pain would be replaced with tears of joy… and great things.

Yes, it’s true. They have been. And even though I didn’t cry tears of joy today, my heart was doing the happy dance (and it still is.) So much so that I had to share this with you.

There’s something about a favorite color.

I actually have two favorite colors. Besides this beautiful orange color, my first favorite color was a bright gold, bus yellow, color.

Love, love, love that color. In fact I have it on my doctorshannon.com website. I love that yellow color. I had a truck this color at one time. It’s a favorite.

We all have favorites. We all have those things we like and love. Do not take them for granted. Don’t take those things that make you feel happy – even the simple things in life – for granted.

Intentionally look for them. Intentionally give thanks for them, and pay attention. Intentionally surround yourself with those things that make you feel happy inside. Those simple, little things.

We know so many things about other people. We know what their favorite food is, their favorite napkin color, color, number, or whatever.


When was the last time you sat down with yourself, and asked…

“Hey, SELF, what’s your favorite color? Food? Number? Letter in the alphabet? Your favorite thing to do? Song? Band? Book? Author? Director? Restaurant? Place to vacation? Your favorite person? Your favorite word? What most inspires you? What’s your favorite dream? Thought? Desire? What IS the desire of your heart? What makes your heart sing? What makes you feel happy?”

I’d encourage you today – for your very SACRED S.O.L. STEP – to sit down with your SACRED S.O.L. D.A.T.E. JOURNAL (Daily Action To Engage with yourself.)

Write down:

1. This is what makes me feel happy…

2. This is what I like…

3. This is what I love…

This is what I call my LOVE JOURNAL. (Things that I love and like.)

Write it all down. Whatever it is.

Save it for the days when you don’t feel that happy, or you don’t feel like you’re loving much – when you’ve kinda lost that loving feeling.

You can grab your LOVE JOURNAL…Your SACRED S.O.L. D.A.T.E. JOURNAL, and look back onto today and be reminded of what you LIKE, LOVE, and MAKES YOU FEEL HAPPY.

Please come over to WomenSippingOnLife.com and let me know YOUR FAVORITE COLOR.

I’d love to hear from you. Thanks for being here, sipping on life, and paying attention to what makes your heart sing.

I’ll look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

xo Dr. Shannon. Inspiring minds that want to grow and hearts that want to know, so you can love you, your life, and your life’s work well. ONE SIP AT A TIME.

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