Women Sipping. On. Life. with doctor shannon is YOUR daily podcast for something new. Different. Satisfying. Soul quenching. Unscripted. LIVE. Practical Solutions. Powerful coaching that equips and empowers you to show up. Speak up. Step up. Step into your life. Fully engaged. Loving your life + life’s work well. Starting from the very first sip. Uncover and discover your TRUTH, so you can drink it all in. Live it all now. Naked. Unafraid. Unashamed. Unapologetic. Unconditionally loved. Heart + Soul. Become the great lover of your life. ONE SIP AT A TIME.

WELL…COME to Women Sipping On Life!


This is Dr. Shannon. Founder of and author of The Best-selling 12 Engagements of Becoming The Great Lover of Your Life…Date Yourself Well.

This is our very first Women Sipping on Life Podcast Episode. I’m so excited to be here, and want to thank you for being here as well.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for allowing me to be here with you, and for being here with me.

Thanks for giving me your time and attention. I promise that even though today is an Introductory Episode, my commitment is to give you something different. Something new. Something inspiring…deep within your soul.

A very Sacred Soul (S.O.L.) Step so you can begin the process. The journey. The Adventure of Sipping On Your Life. Starting Today.

How’s that sound?

Maybe you’ve been that woman out in the middle of the ocean…feeling like you’re drowning on your life? Alone.

Today’s the day to begin to master the art of Sipping. On. Life.

Is it possible? Absolutely, it’s possible.

Today it’s about all about you. What you can expect from Women Sipping On Life. From Me. From YOU, and YOUR life.

It’s time to set an intention for your journey. For your adventure of Sipping. On. Life.

I’ve been a chiropractor for over two decades, and a Healing Life Coach since 2010.

Btw, since this program is UNSCRIPTED, and for the most part, UNEDITED, can we agree right now that it doesn’t have to be perfect?

Is that okay? Can you give me (and yourself,) permission to SHOW UP and NOT do it perfectly every time?


A Healing Life Coach is one that’s healed herself between the head + heart, and desires for other hearts and souls to heal as well.

I was once that woman that was drowning in my own life. Doing more, and feeling so overwhelmed. Not knowing what to do.

Once I made the decision to STOP. MAKE A DECISION. Do something DIFFERENT. AND ASK FOR HELP. Everything began to change.

I began to change.

Yes, I allowed myself to FEEL the pain, in order to HEAL the pain.

You can too.

Feel it. Don’t feed it.

Lick your wounds for a moment, but not too long. If you do, your wounds will stay open. And it will never fully heal.

It was time for something DIFFERENT.

I was done speaking only of my problems, and began to contemplate and create SOLUTIONS.

I began to SIP. ON. LIFE.

My life.

My journey of uncovering and discovering.

The journey of living Uncovered (Naked) and Unafraid.

S.O.L. was born.

I began to date my S.O.L., and my experience has evolved into a S.O.L. DATE SISTERHOOD for other women too.

It took me from being in what felt like the middle of the ocean, drowning in my life. To standing firmly on the shore, after doing the deep dive to the depths of my truth.

Onto the foundation. The deepest part of myself.

You can do it too! Naked and Unafraid.

Fearless doesn’t mean being without fear. It means fearing LESS. And no longer fearing the feeling of FEELING LESS.

Imagine if you no longer needed to be afraid of feeling less?

It’s found in the calm between the storms. The silence between the sobs.

You can expose the areas of YOU (YOUR LIFE) that you’re afraid to see, or you don’t want others to see…and you can stand there…in your TRUTH.

The light isn’t outside the tunnel. It’s within your soul. No matter where you are. Whether it’s the deepest of the depths. Or the highest of the heights. Whether you’re on the shore or in the water. It doesn’t matter.

Truth is what will set you free.

In each episode, I’ll share a S.O.L. STORY with you. From my own life, day-to-day experiences…that when I pay attention and listen…and am aware…I discover and grow.

It’ll do the same for you!

This will be a SOLO ACT, except when I invite other souls who are also sipping on life to join us. If I feel you’ll receive value from it, I’ll share it!

Each DAILY EPISODE will be about 10-15 minutes long.

If life is worth living DAILY, then it’s WORTH SIPPING ON DAILY.

My pain has not been in vain.

Your pain will not be in vain either.


I ask YOU to do the same.

We can do it together. Well. No matter what that looks like.

The adventure is calling. Your adventure is calling.

Are you willing to answer the call?

I am!

The next episode will be more introductions, and a deeper look at my S.O.L. STORY that brought me to this point in my life.

Then. Now. How. The transformation.

Each episode I’ll give you a SACRED S.O.L. STEP that you can take immediately.

An action step. Because motion is life and life is motion. If you’re not moving, you’re not living fully.

Not moving simply to move, or running from your truth. But moving ahead in the life you choose to live and are committed to creating.


  1. Get yourself a special journal. Label it: I AM SIPPING ON LIFE.
  2. Ask yourself these questions:

* Am I willing to SIP ON MY LIFE?

This means the following…

To show up each and every day and sip on your life? Speak up? Step up? Step into the life you desire? Are you willing to live your life in CERTAINTY, ABUNDANCE, MOVEMENT, PURPOSE, HEALTH, AND LOVE?

Are you willing to receive all that you are?

Are you willing to receive the LOVE that is YOU?

Are you willing to get your HOPES UP starting today? To do the work WITH you, and NOT ON you?

To find YOU versus FIX YOU?



To do the deep dive.

To uncover and discover YOUR TRUTH.

That knowledge will set you FREE. I promise you.


I would LOVE to hear from you!

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And most of all, to each of YOU…my S.O.L. SISTERS (and my S.O.L. DATE SISTERHOOD.)


I love and appreciate you!!

Remember, Your Adventure is Calling…The Only Thing Missing is U

See you again tomorrow.

xo Dr. Shannon (