Today’s episode is part of our BEST OF SERIES…hope you enjoy it! Thanks for listening and being a part of our WOMEN SIPPING ON LIFE global family!

As a Grand Finale to our Best Of Series of the Top 12 podcast episodes, I absolutely had to include this ONE + one more (tomorrow)… It just didn’t seem right to celebrate without revisiting our starting place. It’s the “Honorable Mention” for our Top 12 — Episode 001. Enjoy…

I’m certain it would have landed in the Top 12, but back when I started — now 747 days later — I started with an audience of ONE. Yep, my little rescue Yorkie, Stela. She used to lay next to me in a drawer in my closet (aka Podcast Studio) while I recorded every episode until I moved and changed “studios.”

I hope you enjoy it…and I want to say THANKS again for being a part of this sacred S.O.L. JOURNEY.

Tomorrow’s episode (Nominated as “The Funniest Episode”…EPISODE 014: Have You Ever Peed In An Elevator? — A Whole New Perspective On Procrastination) will wrap up our trip down Memory Lane and I’ll be back with you again LIVE as we continue to move ahead and prepare to celebrate our 750th podcast episode together.


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