Today I reveal the 4 Forms of Opinion Ownership and a new form of Entrepreneurialism…

Do you think about what others are thinking about you? You’re about to learn some TRUTHS that’ll set you FREE…while adding incredible value to your life, and the lives of others.

It’s an ongoing topic of discussion in my S.O.L. DATE SISTERHOOD, as well as with my coaching clients, and all the coaching I do.

It’s the topic of worrying about what others think about YOU.

You’re so concerned about what “THEY” are thinking about YOU…but is it possible that YOU’RE actually thinking that about YOURSELF (at some level?)

Yes, it’s true!

OWN IT, my dear!

Stop trying to own everyone else’s opinions about you.

Instead, OWN YOURS.

What would that look like for you?

What would your life look like for you to own your own opinion?

The 4 Levels of OPINION OWNERSHIP Are…

1. No ownership.

It’s like you’re homeless…and you feel helpless.

You don’t own your opinion, nor do you own your responsibility.

There’s no work. And I’ve got news for you…It doesn’t work!

Everyone’s opinion of YOU is important. Or so it seems.

2. Renting.

Think of it as leasing…or is it “pLEASING”…

People pleasing.

That’s right, you’re a genuine (although inauthentic) People Pleaser.

You try to please everyone, while not really pleasing anyone…especially yourself.

You also try to own everyone else’s opinion of YOU.

You blame them for thinking about you in the way that they do, when honestly…YOU are the one who BELIEVES these things about you (at some level.)


3. Own/Occupy.

When you own your own business…and you’re not in others’ business.

You finally own the fact that others’ opinions of you are none of your business, and you don’t make it your business.

You can think of this as a new form of “entrepreneurialism.”

4. Own/Landlord.


You own your opinion of YOU.

You don’t blame others’ opinions of you on them. You own your OWN opinions of YOU.

Others’ opinions of you are not your business.

Your opinion of you is your business.

And now, others actually ask (or pay) for your opinion.

You can think of this as the ultimate form of ENTREPRENEURIALISM. 

You care more about people, and what they care about, then caring about their opinion of YOU.

You help them to believe in themselves by sharing the TRUTH with them.

Imagine what this would look and feel like in your life…

Please grab your SACRED S.O.L. D.A.T.E. JOURNAL (Daily Action To Engage yourself.)


Where right now in your life are you worrying about what others are thinking, or saying, about you?

How are YOU doing that to YOU?

Own it.

Make a commitment to YOU and owning your opinion of you.

Whatever opinion you have of yourself, ask:

“Is it true?”

If so, keep it.

If not, let it and YOU go…

Set yourself free today, my dear.

Thanks for tuning in today, and every day…and allowing me to SIP ON LIFE with you.

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