Today’s episode is perfect for those moments when you simply don’t FEEL like it, and don’t exactly know what to do with your feelings.

It’s somewhat of a continuation of yesterday’s episode.

So have you channeled your inner ROCK Star yet, my dear?

You’ve heard me say, time and time again…

If you desire to heal it, you must feel it.


Acknowledge your feelings, no matter what.

But what do you when your feelings don’t support what you desire?

You channel your “inner child” for a moment.

Acknowledge your feelings, by feeling them. However, you keep doing what you desire.

Some will say don’t listen to your feelings because they’ll lead you astray.

But I disagree, and this is why…

You MUST FEEL it to HEAL it.

Simply ignoring your feelings will not make them go away.

How do you acknowledge your feelings, and not allow them to sabotage your desires?

Like I said, feel it. But keep doing it.

If your “baby self” is saying something, don’t shut her up.

It’s no different than dealing with a child.

Acknowledge her.
Find out where she’s coming from.
Comfort her.
Pick her up and keep going.

Once you acknowledge yourself, then assess what you’re feeling.

Ask yourself if what you’re feeling is coming from a place of truth or not.

Is it true or not true?

Then decide how you’ll act upon it, or not.

Don’t ignore how you feel.


Don’t act on every feeling you have.

You get to decide if you’re going to believe your feelings as truth or not.

Feeling…releases the “feeling” and allows you to continue on your way of loving your life + life’s work well.

Feeling IS healing.

Please grab your SACRED S.O.L. D.A.T.E. JOURNAL (Daily Action To Engage yourself.)


Write down a feeling you’ve been pushing aside lately.

Ask yourself where it’s coming from.

What’s your heart trying to tell you right now?

Assess it.

Ask yourself: Is this true or not?

Then decide if you’re going to believe it or not.

Take at least one action on it today. Even if the only action is simply feeling it.

Thanks for tuning in today, and every day…and allowing me to SIP ON LIFE with you.

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