Fear will stop you in your tracks, but what if you could make friends with fear? Here’s 3 things you can do today…

Kim McMillen discovered, “When I loved myself enough I began to see that my ego is part of my soul. With this shift in perception it lost its stridency and paranoia, and it could do its job.”

Rich Joshi from Power Thoughts Meditation Club wrote this, “The Ego’s role is to protect you, but it takes itself too seriously at times.” (Karen England) @RishaJoshi @PowerThoughtsMeditationClub

The next time your ego is triggered by fear, take a look at your E.G.O. by evolving and growing…

Evolving and Growing Our E.G.O.


Ask yourself…

1. E: Emergency or Experience?
2. G: Get or Receive?
3. O: Open or Closed?

When you do this, it will no longer be about ego, but you’ll say to yourself, “IGO”… 🙂

Keep growing. Keep going, my dear.

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Where in your life do you feel as though your ego has been fighting against you?

Take her through these 3 questions, and thank her for staying in her lane…not yours. Then release her to do what she does.

(This is based on the profound little book, When I Loved Myself Enough by Kim McMillen and Alison McMillen-Givnish. You can order a copy HERE.)

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