This is for YOU — self-proclaimed high-achiever, perfectionist, and goal-oriented soul. There is a way out, check it out…

Do not live in search of progress, live into the process and it will lead you to the progress you seek. Today I show you how.

It’s time to redefine your focus. Not to progress, but to TRUST.

TRUST is your way out of the self-defeating patterns of the never-ending pursuit of progress and self-sabotage…and INTO a trustworthy process of living progressively.

Living YOUR LIFE progressively.


Besides the obvious of “do I believe you?”…it’s also about “do I feel safe with you?”


And what do we place in a safe?

We put that which we value in a safe.

Yes, trust has to do with value and security.

It’s what you value.

What makes you feel secure.

Insecurity comes from getting your value from the outside, not the inside of you.

Building true security requires you to…

1. Trust yourself.

Can you trust yourself…simply you…without all your stuff, titles, credentials, financials, image, status, etc?


With full engagement. Total acceptance. Complete acknowledgment.

It’s you being you. Nothing else (and everything) but BEING. YOU.

When you do, you’ll trust that YOU will get IT done. Whatever “IT” is for YOU.

If not, then what?

You put so much of your trust in your performance, that your process of living gets depleted and disempowered.

Leaving you feeling empty and lost. Not enough. “Trying” to prove yourself.

So much so, that you’ve sacrificed your process and powerful progress.

It’s when you find yourself being “goal-oriented,” but for some reason you just can’t seem to get the results you desire.

Why is that?

You start something, and you don’t follow-through with all of you.

You beat yourself up.

You second guess yourself.

You muster up enough energy to DO BETTER. To IMPROVE.

Yet, you never quite get “there.” That infamous place of acceptance and acknowledgment of a job well done.

Why? Because you never feel complete.

Why? Because you’re always (and in all ways) “trying” to get “there” (whatever that place is for you.)

You don’t feel as if you’re doing enough. Therefore, you don’t.

And guess what? You won’t. At least not consistently.

You don’t “COMPLETE,” because you don’t feel COMPLETE. WHOLE.

What if you committed yourself to being you?

And you committed to living the life you desire?

Trusting yourself that you’ll show up each day for you?

Trusting yourself that you’ll show up each day for your, and do what’s necessary to create what you’re committed to create…TODAY?


What would that look and feel like?

2. Trust the process of your life.

Because you trust the one in the process.

The price of your progress is your not only your process (which is your life.)

It’s also your PROGRESS. Which, by the way, is YOUR LIFE WORKING WELL.

When you commit to yourself and your process, it will ALWAYS WORK.

Because YOU work.

IN your life. WITH yourself.

How much longer are you going to waste your valuable life…time TRYING to get there, while never fully being HERE?

Would you be willing to start focusing on your PROCESS versus progress?

Finding versus FIXING yourself?

When you do, you’ll find that your progress is only created in the process.

Please grab your SACRED S.O.L. D.A.T.E. JOURNAL (Daily Action To Engage yourself.)


Look at your process and start there.

Ask yourself, is my process inspiring? Is it what I truly desire?

Focus on finding out about YOU, your life, what works, and doesn’t work. This is your process.

Instead of trying to FIX you. Find out some things about you and the process that will allow you to live well with ease.

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