Today’s a special episode honoring YOU and YOUR S.O.L. STORY…as well as 365 podcast episodes in 365 days! Here’s to SIPPIING ON LIFE and continuing the sacred adventure of making love with our lives! A BIG shout-out to all of you who shared your sacred S.O.L. STORIES with us today…

Will I run out of things to say? That was one of my concerns when I first committed to sharing my life — every day — with you. Except for only a few times, coming up with what to say has been easy. However, sometimes not so easy.

Sometimes getting it OUT has been the hardest part. Sometimes it’s a fight. Sometimes not. But always a victory when I push the SAVE/Upload button and realize that I have another 24 hours to explore my heart so I can again share with you.

365 days. 365 episodes. Over 1,100 hours of work. Over 60 hours of content. Some hard. Some easy. Doing it on the go in NYC. Editing on the beach while on vacation in Mexico. Sitting in my closet…sharing, caring, raw, real, showing up, speaking up. Breaking down. Breaking through. Doing it. No matter what.

Computer crashes. Files lost. Mind blocks. Detours. New paths forged.

What seemed really hard is so much easier now. What was very time-consuming, is now time creating.

Here’s a little of my S.O.L. STORY, and what I’ve learned over the past 365 days and episodes…

It’s amazing what we can do when we commit to it NO MATTER what!

365 is possible when you do a little each day.

These are things I’d want my daughter to be reminded of after I’m gone.

I’ve had more to say than I thought…but yet, always knew.

“I’m going in.” This is what I tell myself before every podcast. Yep. I go in. And what comes out is a message. One that comes from the most hopeful place in my soul.

It’s unscripted, and TRUE. It’s for YOU.

Editing. I realize that I say a lot more than I need to say to actually say what I need to say.

I’m more technologically capable than I originally thought.

There isn’t anything I/We cannot learn, unless I/We refuse to ask and grow.

Doing is more important than doing it the “right.” What’s perfect anyway?

I’ve had to remind myself that I’m not a podcast expert, but I’m simply a Messenger. A Messenger of Hope. Sharing the message and hoping for the best. Trusting that I’ve done my part.

“One stars” are stars too.

Not everyone’s going to LOVE me and my message.


I love me and the message I’ve been given to share.

I’m feeling inspired, and compelled to go deeper in my seeking so I’m able to share more deeply in my discovering…

What will that look like? I’m not sure.

What will that feel like? Probably scary. Since only thinking about it makes me feel a little nervous.

But I’m certain it’ll be freeing, feeling, and healing.

My hope is to continue to provide a sacred space for YOU dear soul — and many other dear souls — to sip and share.

To care, and turn your scared into sacred.

Your reviews. Your ratings. Your testimonials. Your emails. Your words of encouragement, inspiration, and hope…I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Every. Single. Sip.

Thanks again to Mama Mary, Laura, Dawny, and Dara for boldly and beautifully sharing your sacred S.O.L. STORIES with us today!!

And to so many of you who’ve reached out and shared your gratitude and love for the podcast. (Thanks again from the bottom of my heart and S.O.L.)

Here are a few…

“YOU have gotten me through so many days. Your words, your messages hit me hard. In the best most challenging ways. I hope one day, my journey can help others…but honestly revisiting everything is hard. But you know what…maybe when things feel hard that is when they need tenderizing…poked…prodded…explored…understood. I am so happy now that I stopped running from fear. There is power in trusting God, but its not the power I would have thought…it’s the power of peace. Wow.” — Jennifer J.

“I love love love Dr. Shannon! I listen to her podcasts on the way to work almost everyday. I have been inspired and have started looking at life differently. Are you inspired? Are you overwhelmed with life? Try taking sips! Listen in, and see what you think!” — Angie L.

“Your podcasts have helped me through some of the toughest moments of my life.” — Ardita B.

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Thank you for being here, and allowing me to Sip On Life with you.

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