In this episode you’ll learn how to create a life that inspires you. It’s a continuation of yesterday’s episode, “Healing Your Happy.” Because healing yourself is one of the requirements for happiness, and creating a life that inspires YOU is healing you.

Healing yourself creates happiness. This is how…

Notice I didn’t say, “a healed self?” You being healed isn’t the end all, be all. You…HEALING is.

This is why…

Healing. Is an ongoing process. An experience. That never ends.

It’s natural. It’s vital. It’s vitality at its core.

YOU healing is you living.

Living what?

You must LIVE these 3 things in order to continue healing…YOU and creating a LIFE that inspires you…


1. You must live the life that’s within you.

It’s the LIFE that began the moment you were formed in your Mama’s womb. It’s the life that allows you to breathe, your heart to beat, and YOU TO BE.

That life is more than your brain activity and blood flow.


Are you living it fully expressed?

Is your body fully expressing the life within it?




Full breathing.


Rhythmic breathing and heart beating.


Connection and communication between the brain and body.


Is your healing power ON?

Is your inner healer working?

2. You must live fully transpiring between your heart and head before you expire.

It’s the life that you think about.

It’s the life that you are about.

It’s the consistent tap tap tap of your footsteps as you make your way into your life.

Purposeful beating.

The song of your heart and soul being consciously cared for.

Not beating UP or beating DOWN, but beating ahead…and winning in your life.

3. YOU must live, create, and recreate every day with the life you discover.

It’s the life that you’re building, as you’re growing and going while experiencing life on planet earth.

It’s not what you get. But what you create with what you’ve got, and what you give from what you make of it….and with it.

Eating. Taking it all in.

Savoring and sipping.

You eating it. Not it eating you.

It’s the style in which you choose to design your life.

Your style.

Your style of living.

A life style that represents the life that’s within you.

Inspired. Knowing. Passionate. Rhythmic. Flowing. Growing. Going. Ahead. From your heart. Empowering. Healing. Being. Doing. Having. Hoping. Engaging. Loving. LIVING. Inspiring.

Please grab your SACRED S.O.L. D.A.T.E. JOURNAL (Daily Action To Engage yourself.)


How are you caring for your breath? Your heart beat? Your body that carries both? Your body of life (your body of work ) that you fully engage with and empower each and every day?

How are you caring for what inspires you?

How would you describe your lifestyle? Your style of living?

Are you willing to create a life that inspires you?

Are you willing to heal you by creating a life that inspires you?

Write out a plan for living your day in a way that inspires you, and expresses your personal LIFE style.

Healing. Inspiring. You. Every. Single. Day.

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