Today’s podcast is dedicated to the two people I love most in my life. I celebrate you, the day you were born, and every day I’m blessed to do life with you.

Two dozen years ago was the first “happiest day of my life.” And this is why…

Because I’ve had countless “happiest days” since then because it was the day that YOU were born.

It was a Wednesday. August 10, 1994. It was raining. My most favorite kind of day.

But that day was different.

I had to work harder than any other day up until that point in my life.

I had to work through every breath, every feeling, every second of knowing that I was getting one step closer to seeing your precious little eyes for the very first time.

Yes, that day of “hard labor”…redefined everything I had ever thought about, or considered to be “W.O.R.K.”

I worked through fears and feelings of anticipation and excitement, into the most intense waves of physical pain I had ever experienced (or ever will – hopefully – thank you very much.)

Riding each contraction like a professional surfer who feels the force of the wave while gripping tight with all 10 toes – holding on for dear life – as the water breaks and the force of the biggest ride of your life comes rushing in.

It started at 10 am, but you arrived at 6:19 pm. Only two weeks and two days after “they” told me you’d arrive.

You had already begun to teach me patience…as well as so many priceless lessons.

It was as if every moment meant something else. Something different. Something new. Something miraculous, magical, meaningful. Because it did. It was. It is.

I pushed through knowing that YOU were on the other side…and I’ve watched you do the same every time I’ve seen you take another step in your own personal labor of love…YOUR LIFE.

YOU. YOU. YOU. You’ve been on the other side of every breath, every heart beat, and every path as you’ve risen up to a new level of YOU-NESS.

A UNIQUE YOU that has continued to take my breath away more times than I can count, yet I remember every single one of them.

Like the time you were about 18 months old, and I carried you up the stairs holding you tightly as only a Mom can. And you hugged me back and said, “I luv you too Mama, I wuv you too.”

You’re my one and only…but not my only ONE. I have had many little girls, now turned BIG, over the past 24 years.

It’s as if each of them has had a full life in the divine 365, only to transform into another more incredible version of the previous because SHE’S still there too.

That little angel with the thick jet black hair, wide brown eyes, high forehead, long fingers, legs, and toes…and a presence that gives my heart another beat every time I’m in it.

She’s still there.

She’s still here.

Now with auburn hair, wise blue eyes, even longer fingers, legs, and toes, and that same high forehead that I still love to kiss like I did the first time I saw it.

You’re still here. Making my heart happy — as it beats with a new song.

It’s YOU. My NEW WAY of seeing LOVE. LIFE. LIVING. LASTING. No matter what comes with each new day.

24 times we’ve made this journey around the sun together, and I couldn’t imagine doing it with ANY OTHER…


Then HE showed up too. Celebrating his 365 on the same day as YOU.

US has taken on a whole new life now.

And all the “losses” that led us here seem to be a part of what’s wrapped us together like a package of contents without a table.

With the turn of each page, the precisely edited story unfolds.

Like a portable table that makes every new place a home. It’s been there.

And today, it becomes a table of YOU. HE. WE. And the celebration continues and begins.

ONE special day that we get to share this table with one chair for you, one for us, one for we. Together. A Birthday Family.

My precious two. In the city of twins.

Two special souls. Connected deeply with mine.


Happy Birthday to YOU, my precious Honey.  And to HE, my other Honey. Thank you for allowing me to see a new way to BE.

I thank God that for this day to celebrate as WE.

I love you, my sweet Anni. And I love you, my sweet Pablo!!

Happiest Birthdays to my two One and Onlys. xoxo

Thank you so much for being here, and allowing me to share this special podcast episode dedicated to my dear daughter, Anni and dear Love, Pablo.

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