Complexity and complication are the enemies of your dreams and purpose. Today I’ll show you how to SIMPLIFY and tap into your WHY…

Is it possible that you’re COMPLICATING your life? Lack of clarity is one of the biggest roadblocks to loving and living your life well.

Here are SOLUTIONS to the problems that cause it.

There are 3 aspects of C.A.M.P.

1. Preparation.

It’s training

Getting to know, and trust you will prepare you for CERTAINTY.

The opposite of certainty is confusion — or lack of trust.

2. Base CAMP.

It’s about building your foundation.

Creating an abundant and resourceful base.

Scarcity and fear will block your abundance. Leaving you STUCK.

If you face your fears and tap into abundance, you’ll begin to move ahead.

You’ll move forward towards your SUMMIT.

3. Summit CAMP.

This is your peak experience.

This is loving and living your life well, as well as the result of doing so.

This is your PURPOSE.

Avoidance and neglect will block your purpose.

Today’s the day to STOP avoiding and neglecting the power of PREPARING YOUR C.A.M.P.

Please grab your SACRED S.O.L. D.A.T.E. JOURNAL (Daily Action To Engage yourself.) 


Are you ready for a SUMMIT C.A.M.P. EXPERIENCE?

Where in your life do you feel like you need some more preparation?

Where in your life do you feel like you need a “Base CAMP?” (Your foundation that needs your attention and resources.)

Where in your life are you seeking the “SUMMIT…PEAK Experience?”

Journal about this.

And prepare your C.A.M.P., my dear.

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Thank you for being here, and allowing me to Sip On Life with you.

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xo Dr. Shannon. Inspiring minds that want to grow and hearts that want to know, so you can love you, your life, and your life’s work well. ONE SIP AT A TIME.

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