In today’s episode I show you how you can create more meaning in your holidays and life.

Perhaps for you the holidays are a time that doesn’t feel so holy or happy. I’ll show you how you can change that immediately.

The meanings we give our days, holidays, etc. are based on many different things.

Would you be willing to look at your life as a whole, and then bring it back into today…whatever “today” represents for you?

How would you like to define how YOU celebrate your holidays, days, YOU, and your life?

Yes, it’s time for a REDEFINITION.

How would you like to redefine how you’re living your life?

Whatever you’ve been calling yourself, your days, your life…you get to decide.

You can live a life — redefined — starting right now.

As you’ve heard me say before, “If you can’t interpret it at least two different ways, it’s probably not true.”

What interpretation would you give to your life if you looked at it from another perspective?

Is there another way to look at your circumstances today, and call it what you like…love…something NEW?

Perhaps it’s time to look at your year…redefined.

Maybe it’s time to look at “Merry” redefined. “Happy” redefined.

What are you willing to do today to redefine your life?

Please grab your SACRED S.O.L. D.A.T.E. JOURNAL (Daily Action To Engage yourself.)


What would you like to redefine in your life?

Write it down. Write the new definition.

Commit to it today.

For those of you celebrating Christmas today…Merry Merry and Happy Happy.

To all of you, as we’re preparing to enter into the New Year, let’s do so…REDEFINED.

Thank you for being here, and allowing me to sip on life with you.

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I look forward to seeing you again tomorrow. Please invite your best girlfriends to come and join our S.O.L. PARTY.

xo Dr. Shannon. Inspiring minds that want to grow and hearts that want to know, so you can love you, your life, and your life’s work well. ONE SIP AT A TIME.

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